Speaking Engagements

Elin Hurvenes is a sought-after speaker for international conferences and corporate events on the subject of diversity and women on boards following her unique experience with Norway’s “quota law” and founding the Professional Boards Forum.


  • London, Women in Finance Summit 2017, Bloomberg



  • Monaco, EY World Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Dubai, Global Women's Forum



  • Singapore, Deutsche Bank's Women in Asian Business Conference


  • Berlin, PwC,
  • Rotterdam, E & Y
  • Berlin, WIN Conference
  • Amsterdam, Accenture


  • London, 23 January, House of Commons
  • Warsaw, 14 March, The Warsaw Stock Exchange


  • Helsinki, Finland´s Most Successful Women Leaders Conference
  • Hong Kong, Women on Boards Week
  • Kuala Lumpur, 4th Annual Corporate Governance Conference
  • Stockholm, CMi exclusive dinner


  • Rome, W.I.N. Conference
  • Edinburg, IoD Scotland, Women on Boards Conference
  • Oslo, BI Oslo Business School, Women on Boards in Norway 
  • Edinburg, Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc
  • London, Deutsche Bank
  • London, Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Oslo, BI, Women on Boards Conference


  • Brüssels, GUBERNA, 10th European Corporate Governance Conference
  • Boston, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Closing the Global
    Gender Gap
  • Oslo, Board Impact - Leveraging Diversity
  • London, Arup AGM
  • Brüssels, JUMP Forum
  • London, Accenture International Women’s Day
  • London, National School of Government’s International. Women’s Leadership Conference
  • Oslo, McKinsey Centered Leadership Programme


  • Paris, Association Francaise des Femmes Juristes
  • Prague, W.I.N. Conference
  • Prague, Vodafone plc
  • Amsterdam, ING Bank Wholesale
  • Amsterdam, NRC Handelsblad
  • London, London Business School Women’s Conference
  • London, The Executive Network Conference


  • Vienna, Executive European Women’s Conference
  • London, IOD UK, Women as Leaders Conference
  • Barcelona, W.I.N. Conference
  • Peterborough, 5th Annual Prowess International Conference


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