Feedback from women participants

“A really excellent chance to network and engage with top Chairmen of FTSE companies. Their wealth of experience and knowledge really helped to make the event a great networking opportunity.”
Nikki Yates, General Manager UK, SVP UK & Ireland
Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline

“The PBF is a great opportunity to war-game 2 simulated boardroom crises while sitting around a table with seasoned FTSE chairs. I found it a real confidence booster. It gave me an insight into the NED role and taught me to trust my own judgement. It also makes networking a lot

Kirsty Lang, Broadcaster and Journalist, BBC

“First of all thank you very much indeed for inviting me to participate in Tuesday's event. It was very enjoyable. I was particularly fortunate to sit on tables with Michael Grade, Mike Rake and David Tyler -- just as I had hoped! And The Times piece was a surprise added benefit.”
Jasmine Whitbread, Principal, Family Office Capital Consulting Ltd

“One of the most useful boardroom networking events I’ve been to. I particularly liked the use of the film as case-study - I just needed longer to meet even more people.”
Patricia Hewitt, Senior Independent NED, BT Group plc

“Let me congratulate you on a truly phenomenal event – you managed to bring together interesting, demanding Chair-men and NEDs; and talented, vigorous candidates; with a challenging and well thought out case study – well done!”
Dr Louise Beaumont, Managing Director, Vector Associates Ltd

“A quick note to say thank you for an excellent afternoon yesterday. It really exceeded all of my expectations. It was great to meet so many chairmen in one place and get the benefit of their experience in how to deal with a very challenging boardroom situation. I also enjoyed meeting so many talented women and hope to stay in touch with many of them.”
Caroline Firstbrook, Managing Director, Accenture


“The right format and the right mix of people ensure that the PBF delivers on its mission. The business case at its core effectively mimics real-life board dynamics, providing productive interaction and an excellent learning platform.”
Vesna Nevistic, Managing Partner, VereNovo GmbH

“The Professional Boards Forum afternoon certainly puts you through your paces: figuring your way through tough board scenarios with the guidance of some of the UK’s most seasoned Chairs is a uniquely rewarding experience.”
Jessica Cecil, Controller, Make it Digital, BBC

"It was wonderful to meet so many interesting and talented women in addition to an exceptional opportunity to meet with the Chairmen.”
Julia Bond, Formerly: Managing Director, Credit Suisse

“Just to say I enjoyed the whole afternoon so much, and got so much out of it. It was brilliant to have the chance to hear the different chairmen discuss the dilemmas posed by the Merriston story - and to get to know so many great women from other businesses.”
Helen Fraser, Managing Director, Penguin

“Thank you for a fabulous event last week at Tate Modern. It was superbly well organised, very enjoyable for the participants and a fantastic opportunity to meet people.”
Dee Lehane, Formerly: Senior Partner, Accenture

“I thought we had a great group of chairmen and women candidates present. The case study worked well, generating some very interesting discussions on the two tables that I was on. The event provided an opportunity for the women candidates to demonstrate how they would deal with difficult issues in a boardroom context. Congratulations on running a very successful event.”
Caroline Goodall, Consultant, Herbert Smith LLP


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