Quotes - chairmen about women on boards

4Sir Roger Carr
Chairman, BAE Systems plc
“In my experience women add considerable value to the boardroom discussion. They help generate a more team orientated and thoughtful atmosphere that produces better board work. For that simple reason I want both genders represented on any board I chair."

Dame Helen Alexander
Chairman, UBM plc
"The issue of diversity around the board table is, at last, irrevocably, on the agenda of UK boards. Professional Boards Forum meetings show the depth and breadth of talent and experience amongst potential female Non-Execs."




1Glen Moreno
Chairman, Pearson
“It is very important to have more women on boards for several reasons. First, it is difficult to find really good NEDs so you need a wider talent pool. second, companies need to have a broader perspective on their boards, especially those with a large number of women costumers and staff. Third, in terms of a company’s values and culture, it’s simply the right thing to do.”

2Sir Rob Margetts
Former Chairman, Legal & General plc
“We must all take responsibility for the development, progression and appointment of able female candidates to ensure that our Boards, now and into the future, are advantaged by wider perspectives and approaches.”

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